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25717 Power Rd.

Farmington HillsMI 48336


Lil Kidz

Birth to 3 years

Jr. Kidz

3 years to 5 years

Kidz CoNnection

6 years to 5th grade


Worship gatherings serve as opportunities for our attenders to express praise and love towards God together. Worship can be defined as many things; it is not only singing songs to God. From a general perspective, we believe worship is a celebration of who God is, a surrender to God for what He has done for us, and a lifestyle that we should be building our lives upon.

Worship style is often a matter of taste and preference, but there is not an ultimate right or wrong style. Overall, our worship style leans heavily on the contemporary side of the spectrum, where a majority of the songs we sing are considered as modern in the realm of worship music. However, we also include some revamped and revisited hymns which also fit into this style of worship music.


Every Sunday, our worship ministry leads the congregation in worship with a variety of instruments and vocals. All of the members found on our weekly worship teams play important roles in providing an opportunity for our church to engage in worship together.  Furthermore, one of our pastors will also preach a message to the church that is built off the truths of the Bible with the intent to be applicable to the lives of our attenders..


Worship gatherings at FHCOG provide our community with opportunities to encounter the presence of God along with encouragement and inspiration we can use as we learn and grow alongside each other in our walks of faith.



In order to safely accommodate attendees and comply with all current pandemic regulations and guidelines we've taken great care to provide a clean, sanitary, and safe environment so you can focus entirely on worship and fellowship.

No matter what our goal remains for you to feel welcome, to experience God, and to provide you with the opportunity to meet and interact with people just like you.

THE Sunday Experience

Below is a visual timeline of the flow of events during a typical Sunday morning at Farmington Hills Church of God:


25717 Power Road

Farmington Hills, MI 48336


Masks are not required. You will

be welcome with or without them.


Greet others just like you!


Our worship service begins!

Enter the worship center to participate in singing songs of praise and worship.


Learn about what's happening.

There are always events taking place!

We give our tithes & offerings

If you're a guest with us, feel free to pass. Offerings support the ministries of our church.


One of our pastors will share
truths from the Bible
 and will connect them to our lives today.


The worship team will play a final closing song before the dismissal. It's

normally followed by a brief blessing.

As you leave the Worship Center and feel free to meet and mingle with people you know or those you have just met in our lobby.


Whenever you're ready, you can leave

refreshed and encouraged!

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